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National Mining Museum

Only a few miles south of Luxembourg City, the capital of the Grand Duchy, lies Rumelange surrounded by hills dug over and over by man. In spite of the heavy industry the town has, thanks to its rich woods, preserved its charming character. It is because of the exploitation of iron-ore (which started already in Celtic and Gallo-Roman times) that Rumelange is often called "town of the Red Rocks". Today things have become quiet: closed mine-entrances, the townarms showing a miner and the MINING-MUSEUM are the remains of that former activity.


The guided visit starts in the engine-house and ends with a walk through the mine below the surface. It will last about 1hour30 min. In the engine-house samples of iron-ore, fossils and maps give you the necessary scientific background whereas tools, pictures and documents retrace the history of the exploitation of iron-ore. Entering the " Kirchberg " and " Walert " mine by train is an exciting experience. At the terminal (230 ft below the surface) begins a circuit of 710 yds through a gallery 11 ft high and between 16 and 26 ft wide.

It contains rare tools from boring-hammers and old drilling machines (turnstiles, ratchet drills, drills with a feed-screw) up to modern pneumatic drills. Note the contrast between old timber construction (with legs and caps) and modern construction with bolts.

Comparing manual and mechanical exploitation, the layman may easily understand the respective effectiveness of work in the present and in the past. All the instruments are so arranged as to give a most vivid impression of the miner's work now and then.

Pneumatische Schaufel

A Highlight of the tour is descending from the yellow into the grey layer. At the top of the stairs the visitor has a marvellous sight of the complexity of the tunnel system below ground. Fresh air is supplied by natural current and the temperature inside the mine is constantly at 54 F.

For more Information:

Musée National des Mines de Fer
Carreau de la Mine Walert

L-3714 Rumelingen
Tel: 56 56 88 Fax: 56 56 88 56
email :

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Last updated 21 December 2008